(SB Law) A logo of Vietnamese and foreign enterprises can be registered as a a copyright in Vietnam. However, a logo that has to include artistic or design element, not just the name on its own, is legally regarded as a works of artistic creation and therefore, the logo will be protected under the Law on Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

The benefits associated with copyright registration is:

This logo will be considered as a intellectual property asset of owner. Besides, a logo was registered is evidence of the date and content of the logo. At the stage of being infringement, the copyright certificate of registration shall be considered as a prima facie evidence

It only takes 10-15 working days from the filling date to obtaining the copyright registration from the Copyright Office of Vietnam (COV).

In order to register the logo, the client has to submit the following documents for each work:

–           Three (03) copies of the identity card/passport of the author (shall need notarization)

–           Three (03) complete copies work which can be sent via email (along with brief description of the work if possible)

–           Three (03) written commitment of the author (form provided by S&B Law)

In case the owner and the author is not the same, it is required to add the following documents:

–           Three (03 decision on entrusting the author with creating the work (form provided by S&B Law)

–           Three (03) Power of Attorney signed and sealed by the owner (form provided by S&B Law)

–           Three (03) certified copy of the owner’s Business License/Certificate of Organization Establishment (if the owner is an enterprise/organization)



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