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SBLAW is a international IP agent and would like to provide some information on registering  trademark in Laos as follows:

1. Trademark search (Optional):

In order to verify the registrability of trademark in LAOS, applicant should conduct a search of trademark. The result will show that whether or not your trademark is similar to trademark registered by other applicants for the same product/service.

Time frame: 05-07 working days

1.1. Required documents:

The applicant shall send SBLAW the following documents:

(i) 05 samples of trademark;

(ii) List of products/service bearing trademark

2. Register trademark in Laos

2.1 Required documents:

In order to file trademark in LAOS, the applicant shall provide S&B LAW the following documents:

(i) 05 samples of trademark (size 8 cm x 8 cm);

(ii) Power of Attorney (Provided by SBLAW);

(iii) List of products/service bearing trademark.

2.2 Time Frame: 6-8 months



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