Register Industrial Design in Vietnam

Nội dung bài viết

SBLAW would like to provide you our guideline for industrial design in Vietnam as follows:

1. Conducting search of registrability of industrial design in Vietnam (Optional)

In order to verity the registrabiility of industrial design in Vietnam, applicant should conduct search of registrabiility.

Time Frame: 10 working days.

11. Industrial design in Vietnam Banner
Industrial design in Vietnam Banner

2 .Time Frame of industrial design registration in Vietnam

Vietnam Industrial Design shall be passed through three stages:

Time Frame Content of Examination
Formality examination 1 month from the filing date (if all required document is submitted) or from the date of supplementation of all documents. Examination of formality of industrial design application
Publication of industrial design application 2 months counted from the date of acceptance of

industrial design application

Publishing industrial design application in IP Gazette
Substantive examination 9 months from the publication date of required date Examination of criteria of protection of industrial design application..


11. Industrial design in Vietnam
Industrial design in Vietnam

3. Required document for filing industrial design application in Vietnam

  • Power of Attorney (provided by SBLAW).
  • Name and address of

+    Applicant

+    Designer

  • Title of industrial design
  •  Six (05) sets of photographs/drawings in the same ratio comprising front, back, top, bottom, left, right and perspective views. Dimension of representation should not be larger than 210 mm x 297 mm (A4 size) and not be smaller than 90 mm x 120 mm.



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