Regional minimum wage increase from July 1, 2024

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On June 30, 2024, the Government issued a Decree No. 74/2024/ND-CP regulating the minimum wage for employees working under labor contracts, in which:

Applicable subjects include:

  1. Employees work under labor contracts according to the provisions of the Labor Code.
  2. Employers according to the provisions of the Labor Code, including:
  3. a) Enterprises according to the provisions of the Enterprise Law.
  4. b) Agencies, organizations, cooperatives, households, and individuals that hire and employ workers to work for them according to agreement; In case the employer is an individual, he must have full civil capacity.
  5. Other agencies, organizations and individuals related to the implementation of the minimum wage specified in this Decree.


Regulations on minimum wage:

  1. Regulations on monthly minimum wage and hourly minimum wage for employees working for employers by area:


Area Minimum monthly salary (Unit: VND/month) Minimum hourly wage (Unit: VND/hour)
Area I 4.960.000 23.800
Area II 4.410.000 21.200
Area III 3.860.000 18.600
Area IV 3.450.000 16.600


  1. The list of areas of area I, area II, area III, and area IV is specified in the Appendix attached to this Decree. Of which, Area I, includes areas fromHai Phong: Thuy Nguyen, An Duong, An Lao, Vinh Bao, Tien Lang, Cat Hai, Kien Thuy districts of Hai Phong city; 2. Area II, including the remaining districts of Hai Phong city.

This Decree takes effect from July 1, 2024.


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