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Question: Our company is looking for a professional law firm to support settlement of labour dispute between our company and Employee in the first instance trial period at Court. Please quote.

We understand that currently Client is looking for a professional law firm to support settlement of labour dispute between Client and Employee in the first instance trial period at Court . Therefore, we are grateful to set our legal services proposal for your review and consideration as follows:


According to actual status of the case, the estimated scope of work of SB Law shall be as follows:

a, Drafting request for extension of the deadline for submission of the statement of

b, Drafting a statement of opinion, affidavit and other documents under the request of Court during solution process of the

c, Meeting Client to discuss the solution method of the

d, On behaft of Client to submit statement of opinion and/or other documents in relation to the case under the request of

e, To guide Client for collection and preparation of evidence in relation to the case to submit the

f, Presenting at the Court to work with Plaintiff/ Planitiff’s Lawyer under the the Court’s summons.

g, Presenting at the conciliation meetings under the chairmanship of the

h, To appoint a lawyer protecting duly rights and benefits of Client at the first instance court

i, Advising Client regarding the legal, procedural and tactic matters during the lawsuit solution for the best interest of Client.

j, To ensure the amount Employer must pay Employee is lowest or equal to the amount Employer shall have to compensate Employee upon termination of illegal labour contract in accordance with current regulation law.

Timing: Prolonged time of the lawsuit will be as provision and the Court’s procedure. As stipulated by law, the duration of Dispute Resolution Sessions generally lasts 04 months from the day on which the cases are accepted; Actual time may be extended by external factors which derived from the court or from a combination of the two parties.

Scope of work for this stage will terminate at the one of the following case:

  • Two parties agree to terminate the case in the conciliation meetings at the Court (Successful mediation at the Court).
  • The Palintiff retakes their claim from the


  • The end of first instance court session and the court issued a first-instance judgment.

In case the Court issues decision for suspension of case, SB Law and Client shall agree to terminate Legal Service Contract and service fees shall be accounted upto the such time. In which the minimum service fee will be 50% of service fees as specified in the Section 2 as below.

2.                        SERVICE FEES

-Professional service fee for scope of work as mentioned in Section 2 above shall be 9,900 USD (Nine thousand nine hundred US Dollars).

- Service fee above is exclusive of 10% VAT, all other costs which are arised, including but not limited to travel fee, accommodation expenses for lawyers outside of Hanoi inner (based on the actual location of the negotiation meeting with employee), the procedure's fees and all other costs arising from the settlement dispute shall be paid by the Client.


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