Questionnaires for investor who plans to run business in Vietnam

Nội dung bài viết

For the purpose of supporting potential investor in Vietnam, we shall need Client to answers following questions:
- Whether Client shall invest into Vietnam under his/her individual names or his/her company name in Japan?
- Where will they intend to setup business activities?  For example, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City?
- What are their business activities? Please describe in details
For example, if they conduct trading of nails painting product, please confirm whether they will manufacture nails paining product in Vietnam or just import from abroad for sale in Vietnam? Will the company in Vietnam involve with whole sale or retailed sale of such product in Vietnam? If they involve with retailed sale activities, will they setup a store/store system for retailed sale activities? If they setup store/store system for retailed sale activities, how large the store shall be? If they involve with manufacturing activities, what is the scale of the factory? Procducity? What is the manufacturing process?/
Answering above questions shall help us to have an overview about business plan of Client in Vietnam. Then, based on their information, we shall advise them the most appropriate to approach Vietnam market.


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