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Question: I did some research online and found that you trademark registration service. I'm a business owner and would like to register my trademark in Vietnam. Could you please let me know your answer as follows:

1) Are there any costs/charges beside official fees and attorney fees; like fees that we have to pay directly to government agency?

This is a fixed fee. You shall not pay any other fee, exception that there shall be office action from Vietnam Trademark Office.


2) Will there be any recurring fees that we might have to pay to government agency each year?

No. You do not have to pay the fee.


3) How long our trademark will last or how frequent we have to renew it? And what would be approximate charges for renewal?

You have to renew the trademark within 10 years counted from the filing date. The approximate fee is $US250 for the first class; Each additional class shall be $US180.


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