Query about Renting a Villa & doing homestay business

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Question: I am foreign investor and I am planning to visit Vietnam in near future with an intention of renting a Villa & to start the Homestay business in the same.
Would like to know if that is allowed to do or no?
If yes, Please I would like to know the process to register my business or I will need owner's approval to do Homestay business in rented Villa.
Your valuable reply will be appreciated sir.
Answer: I am grateful to have a face to face meeting with you in Vietnam for further discussion. Please let me know your detailed schedule so that we can arrange time for you. I work in Hanoi Office of SB Law.

By the way, please note that if you rent a villa in Vietnam for Homestay Business in Vietnam, you must setup a company and you must invest at least about 900,000USD.
This requirement is not applied if you purchase an apartment in Vietnam and use such apartment for starting Homestay Business in Vietnam.


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