Q&A about taxation in Vietnam

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What taxation systems are applied in general?

Only one taxation system is applied in Vietnam.

What is the difference between them?


What are the main taxes applied and their rates?

Corporate Income Tax: 25%; VAT: 0%, 5%, 10% or 15%; Export-Import Duty: Duty rates applicable to exports are specified for each item of goods in the Export-Import Tariff; Personal Income Tax: Personal Income tax rates levied on income from business, salaries, wages are applied according to the progressive tax rate schedule from 5% to 35%; Special Consumption Tax: From 10% t0 75% and other.

What are the main tax credit principles?

Foreign Tax may be credited against Vietnamese tax but must be determined based on pretax income. The credit is limited to the amount of Vietnamese Tax rate payable on the foreign income.

Do taxation systems vary depending on the country region?

No. However, enterprises in rural areas may be entitled to tax incentives under Vietnam Law.

Is there a requirement that stores shall apply a certain taxation method? If yes, what kind of system it is and what are the tax rates?


Do taxation requirements vary depending on the company turnover?


What taxes are to be paid by the employer in terms of salaries?


What taxes are to be withheld from salary due to be paid to an employee?


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