Possible three-dimensional trademark application in Vietnam

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Question: We are US company and would like to file three-dimensional trademark application in Vietnam. Could you please inform us whether this kind of trademark is allowed to be registered in Vietnam or not? If it is, could you please inform us the necessary fee and documents required?

Answer: Even the protection of three-dimensional mark is acceptable in Vietnam, NOIP has a strict regulation on examining the distinctiveness of the three-dimensional trademark related to the shape of the designated goods or their packages. I

In principle, the shape cannot be registered as a three dimensional trademark unless it has acquired distinctiveness through long and extensive use.

Therefore, please send us the sample and historical use of the trademark so that we could advise in more detail.

The fee for registration of 3D trademark is $US850.00 which excludes 5%VAT, actual communication and translation fee of supplementary documents: $US6.00/100 words.


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