Plan for legal education and legal support for enterprises in 2024.

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On March 26, 2024, the Ministry of Construction issued Decision No. 156/QĐ-BTC on the promulgation of the Plan for legal education and legal support for enterprises in 2024.

The objectives of the Plan are to:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of state management, innovate organizational methods, contribute to making legal education and legal support for small and medium enterprises increasingly effective, meeting the requirements of the people, businesses, and society;
  • Diversify the forms of legal education; promote the application of information technology closely linked with digital transformation, gradually innovate legal education activities, and legal support for businesses.
  • Provide timely legal information, especially laws, ordinances, detailed regulations, and guidelines for the implementation of newly enacted laws and ordinances to officials, civil servants, and officers in the construction sector and agencies, organizations, and individuals to understand and effectively enforce the law; link legal dissemination with the construction and perfection of legal documents in the construction sector.
Plan for legal education and legal support for enterprises in 2024.
Plan for legal education and legal support for enterprises in 2024.

The main tasks of the Plan include:

  • Carry out legal education, closely monitor, inspect, understand the actual situation, guide, and resolve difficulties and problems in legal education.
  • Disseminate legal documents drafted by the Ministry of Construction, submitted to competent authorities for enactment or enacted within its authority in 2023, 2024.
  • Organize communication of policies with significant social impact during the drafting of legal documents; regulations directly related to production, business, legitimate rights, and interests of the people, businesses; administrative reform; anti-corruption, waste prevention; digital transformation; environmental protection; fire prevention; social public opinion issues or the need to guide public opinion… related to the state management field of the Ministry of Construction such as: draft Urban and Rural Planning Law; draft Urban Development Management Law; draft Water Supply and Drainage Law.
  • Organize training and capacity building in legal knowledge, legal education skills, and improve the capabilities and qualifications of the legal education workforce and legal reporters of the Ministry.
  • Guide and organize activities in response to the Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 2024.
  • Advise on the implementation of tasks and activities of the Central Legal Education Coordination Council members.
  • Review the Central legal reporters of the Ministry to propose exemption or recognition according to legal regulations.
  • Coordinate with the Ministry of Justice and related agencies: implement projects related to legal education; research, perfect institutions, and policies on legal education work.
  • Implement the communication cooperation program between the Ministry of Construction and Vietnam Television for the period 2022-2026 and the information and propaganda coordination program between the Ministry of Construction and Nhan Dan Newspaper for the period 2022-2026 and other coordination programs (if any).
  • Actively and proactively implement digital transformation, apply information technology in legal education, and legal support for businesses to meet new situation requirements.
  • Provide businesses with legal information and legal advice on the state management fields of the Ministry of Construction.
  • Timely and fully update new legal documents issued in the state management field of the Ministry of Construction and maintain the “Question - Answer” section on the Electronic Portal of the Ministry of Construction.

The units responsible for implementation include the Legal Affairs Department - Ministry of Construction, Academy of Managers for Construction and Urban Development, units assigned to draft legal documents, the Offices of the Ministry, and related units.

Units under the Ministry biannually (before June 1st), annually (before December 1st) report the results to the Ministry of Construction (Legal Affairs Department) for synthesis and reporting to the Ministry of Justice as prescribed.


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