Personal Protective Equipment in Vietnam

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According to the Article 4 of the Circular No. 04/2014/TT-BLDTBXH,

Workers who during their work are in contact with one of the following dangerous and harmful elements shall be provided with personal protective equipment:

+        Contacting with disadvantageous physical elements;

+        Contacting with harmful chemicals and dust;

+        Contacting with harmful biological elements and disadvantageous working environment:

a) Harmful virus, bacteria (transmittal diseases), harmful insects;

b) Polluted dung, water, sewage;

c) Other harmful biological elements;

+        Working with machinery, equipment, working tools, or in positions with high risks of occupational accidents; working in the height, in mines, low-oxygen places; working on water, in forest or working in other dangerous and harmful working conditions.

Personal protective equipment provided for employees should be adequate to prevent effectively the effective of harmful, dangerous elements of working environment but convenient and easily for use and maintenance and should not create other harmful elements.

Employers must provide emplyees with personal protective equipment without money. And, there is no any regulations stipulate that you must provide what kind of personal protective equipment.



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