Paid holidays after 12 months of employment

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Question: The 12 days of paid holidays after 12 months of employment. Is it only for government employees or for all employees in the private sector in Vietnam regardless of Companies or Enterprises status.

I was informed that some companies or enterprises in Vietnam did not have to give or pay annual leaves to their employees.
Are they some that do not have to comply?

Answer: Such requirement is applicable for all kind of enterprises in Vietnam, including public sector and private sectors.

Under Vietnam Law, employee having completed 12 months working for the companies shall be entitled to 12 paid annual leave. In case employees do not take all 12 paid annual leave, such un-taken paid annual leave can be forwarded to the next year. Otherwise, employer shall have to refund employees money.
Almost companies in Vietnam do not prefer refunding money for un-taken paid annual leaves. Generally, they shall recommend their employees to take paid annual leave before the end of the year or forward it to next year. Un-taken paid annual leave shall be paid by cash to employee upon expiry or termination of employment contract.


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