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  1. Vietnam has legal holidays (whether the owner of the company or the company directors believe on it or not) employee does not have to go to work not unless both parties agree and Holiday pay is enforced right?
  2. For example my daily rate is 500K-600K VND is it logical that the employer offers me an OVERTIME PAY of 400k VND.
  3. How much % will it be if I was asked to work on a Holiday? How about on my rest day?


  1. Yes, you are right.
  1. In case your daily rate is 600K VND, overtime pay shall be as follows:

- Overtime pay in normal working days: 112,500 VND/1 overtime working hour

- Overtime pay in weekend: 150,000VND/01 overtime working hour

- Overtime pay in Holiday: 225,000VND/01 overtime working hour

- If the employee work over time on night shift, he/she shall be entitled to additional pay of 20% of hourly wage in day shift. In this case, if you work overtime on night shift in normal working day, overtime pay shall be: 112,500 + 22,500 = 135,000VND/01 overtime working hour

  1. - Normal working day: 150%

- Weekend: 200%

- Holiday: 300%

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