New Decree on Market Development and Management

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On June 5, 2024, the Government issued Decree No. 60/2024/NĐ-CP regarding the development and management of markets, including new provisions on market classification.

The markets regulated under Decree No. 60/2024/NĐ-CP are markets organized at a designated location in accordance with related planning and development plans to meet the needs of buying, selling, exchanging goods, and consumer demands of the population.

Accordingly, markets are classified based on business methods, scale, and capital sources. For example, based on the business method, markets are classified as follows:

- Wholesale markets: These are markets that gather goods from various production and trading sources for distribution to other markets and distribution channels, meeting the following criteria:

  + Scale (area): The minimum land area of the market is 10,000 m2 excluding space for courtyards, pathways, parking lots, and other auxiliary facilities.

  + Location: Connectivity with various transportation modes, facilitating the circulation of goods.

  + Construction items include:

    ++ Essential facilities: Parking lots, drainage and wastewater treatment systems, waste and scrap collection points, restrooms and warehouses, cargo gathering parking lots.

    ++ Technical requirement items: Fire prevention and fighting rooms, food safety and environmental protection facilities, climate change adaptation as per legal regulations.

    ++ Main area zones: Goods trading areas divided into sector-specific zones (wholesale and retail areas), office headquarters, inspection, control, quarantine zones (for animal and plant-origin goods for export, import), quality management, classification, processing, packaging zones, cargo receiving and delivery yards, essential service zones, and loading, unloading areas for trucks and containers.

  + For existing wholesale markets that were invested, constructed, and operational before the effectiveness of Decree No. 60/2024/NĐ-CP, they may continue operating under the investment project.

- Retail markets: These are markets for the buying, selling, and exchanging of goods produced, cultivated, and traded by individuals to meet the common, essential needs of the population.

Decree No. 60/2024/NĐ-CP shall be effective from August 1, 2024, replacing Decree No. 02/2003/NĐ-CP and Decree No. 114/2009/NĐ-CP.


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