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Question:  Hello SBLAW

 My situation:

 - I'm having an LLC in USA, in the state of New York My company is a software company, that provides services to the European market only.

 - I'm a french citizen, but I'm a Vietnamese resident, living in Vietnam.

 My requirement:

 1- I need to know exactly all the taxes that I have to pay in Vietnam as a Vietnamese resident for my company in New York.

 2- I need to know all the taxes that I have to pay and where to pay etc...

 3- Normally, as I'm not a US citizen and US resident, and I'm not selling or doing business with the US market, my company in New York does not have to pay taxes in USA.  Is that right ?

As I understand I will have to pay taxes only in my resident country : Vietnam.  I need to make sure about this.

 4- I need someone to become my accountant for my company.

 Thank you for your help.

Answer:  SBLAW would like to advise you as follows:

In case you reside in Vietnam for 183 days per one year, you shall have to finalize your personal income tax in Vietnam.
If you already paid personal income tax for your income incurred in USA, you shall need PIT Payment Evidence in USA in order to finalize your PIT Obligations in Vietnam.
If you need accounting services in Vietnam, please contact with our business partner.
If you have any further inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us.
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