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Question:  Our client would like to renew 01 trademark in Myanmar and they required related legal basis.

As far as we know, at present, Myanmar has no trademark law so please advise us if there is any other legal document regarding this work. In addition, if we do not renew our trademark after every three years, what risks do we get?

Answer: Renewal of trademark registration is usually done once in every 03 years but no dead line.

If you do not renew our trademark after every three years, the other third party can registration in Myanmar.

Please see the attached the requirement documents for renewal and estimate cost.

Power of attorney must be notarized and legalized by Myanmar Embassy in the applicant's country.

Renewal form must be notarized, Signature and Name of Applicant.

A Declaration of Ownership executed by the applicant. (This document is just need to be signed by the one who had signed the power of attorney).

And then please send us original documents (POA and Declaration) via courier. Please see more:



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