Medicine and cosmetics registration in Vietnam

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Question: We want to import cosmetic and medicine goods on Vietnam territory. What certificates or licenses do we need for it?
How do you charge for making documentation for improt medicine and cosmetics goods?
Answer: This is reference to your request from which we understand that you would like us to advise on necessary license for importing cosmetic and medical products into Vietnam. Please find our answers as follows:
For Cosmetic Products:
You must register imported Cosmetic Products with Administration Office of Pharma. For this purpose, you shall need to provide them (i) Certificate of Enterprise Registration; (ii) Legalized Copy of Certificate of Free Sale of products in origin country and (iii) Legalized Copy of Power of Attorney of the Manufacturer authorizing your company in Vietnam to register such cosmetic product.
It shall take you about 30 days from submission of application dossier to the competent authority to complete the cosmetic product registration.
For Medical Products
Firstly, you must have GSP (Good Storage Practice) for pharmaceutical product. Then, you shall obtain Certificate of satisfaction of conditions for import of pharmaceutical products.
You shall register your imported Medical Products with Ministry of Health. It shall take you about 18-24 months from submission of application dossier to MOH to complete drug registration.


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