List of 70 comprehensive online public services of Vietnam Social Insurance

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Decision No. 838/QD-BHXH issued by the Vietnam Social Security on June 5, 2024, announces the list of fully online public services falling under the jurisdiction of the Vietnam Social Security for resolution.

The decision comprises the following key points:

  1. The list of fully online public services under the jurisdiction of the Vietnam Social Security includes 70 services across 6 fields, namely:

- Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, labor accident and occupational disease insurance field, covering administrative procedures such as:

  •      - Registration, adjustment of insurance contributions, issuance of insurance certificates, insurance cards;
  •      - Voluntary social insurance registration, re-registration, adjustment, issuance of social insurance books;
  •      - Health insurance registration, issuance of health insurance cards for dependent family members.

 - Social insurance book issuance, health insurance: Reissuance, replacement, information adjustment on social insurance books, health insurance.

- Implementation of social insurance policies, including procedures for:

  •      - Resolving sickness and injury benefits;
  •      - Resolving maternity benefits;
  •      - Resolving funeral benefits;
  •      - Resolving one-time social insurance benefits; ...

- Implementation of health insurance policies: Signing contracts for health insurance examination and treatment.

- Social insurance benefit disbursement: Disbursement of social insurance benefits in cash transferred to personal accounts and vice versa, or personal information changes.

  - Interconnected public service group:

  •      - Birth registration - Permanent residence registration - Issuance of health insurance cards for children under 6 years old;
  •      - Death registration - Permanent residence deregistration - Funeral allowance.
  1. Responsibilities for implementing the Decision: The Head of the Vietnam Social Security Office, along with individuals, Heads of units under the Vietnam Social Security, and related units, are responsible for enforcing this Decision.

The Decision shall take effect from June 5, 2024.


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