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Our chairman – lawyer Nguyen Thanh Ha have contributed to the Legal Professions Review journal (Tap Chi Nghe Luat) Volumn No. 02/2021 with articles concentrating on new regulation of capital contribution in light of the newly adopted 2020 Law on Enterprises, respectively.

This academic journal publishes researches in relation to the law and practice skills of legal professionals in Vietnam.

Lawyer Ha points out in his writing that Law on Enterprises No. 59/2020/QH14 dated June 17, 2020 (Hereinafter referred to as “the Enterprise Law 2020”) has been passed by the National Assembly and will take effect from January 1, 2021, supersedes the effect of the Law on Enterprises No. 68/2014/QH13 dated November 26, 2014 (hereinafter referred to as “the Enterprise Law 2014”).

Compared with the Enterprise Law 2014, the Enterprise Law 2020 is assessed to have many new points compared to the Enterprise Law 2014.

The author will analyze and point out new points about capital contribution as specified in Enterprise Law 2020, specifically:

(i) assets contributed as capital;

(ii) the issue of valuation of assets contributed as capital;

(iii) the term of capital contribution in a two-member or multiple-member limited liability company; and

(iv) supplement the case where capital contribution is not allowed.

These regulations are expected to make big changes in the market, both from a corporate perspective and state management.

The published publications may be found below.


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