Investment Capital in foreign invested company in Vietnam

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Generally, except for several conditional investment sector such as real estate, finance and banking, education and trainings, there is no requirement for minimum investment capital.

However, foreign investor must have enough capital resources to successfully realise the business goals set out in the Investment Certificate. Investment Capital stated in the Investment Certificate shall include Equity and Loan Capital, in which, the Equity must be at least 20% of total Investment Capital.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Foreign Investor must contribute its capital contribution in accordance with the schedule stated in the Investment Certificate.

Generally, Members and owners of Limited Liability Company must pay in full the capital registered for contribution within a maximum of 36 months from the date of issuance of the Investment Certificate of the company, including the total investment amount.

In practice, generally, at least 20% of the total investment amount should be contributed as equity (rather than from loans). In the case of a Joint Stock Company, founding shareholders of Joint Stock Company are required to register to subscribe together for at least 20% of the number of ordinary shares offered for sale.


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