Invest in Solar Farm business in Vietnam

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Question: We are the foreign company from USA. We are looking for as professional law firm in Vietnam.

So, let me explain our scope of work, we would like to invest in Solar Farm business in Vietnam as investor.

So, we need the law firm who has high potential and can give us the overview of the project. Also be able to give us the advice about the law, legal matter, legal risk and other necessary knowledge about the Solar Farm investment in Vietnam.

All of these include method and process of government licensing and related licensing for the project.

That shall be the best opportunities for both of us to cooperate in this project. If you are able to be our legal consultancy, please contact me back with your proposal fees and your scope of work.

Answer: This is reference to your Request For Proposal, from which we were requested to provide legal advice on establishment and operation of a solar farm in Vietnam. Therefore, we are grateful to present you our Legal Services Proposal for your review and consideration


Following works are proposed based on the request of Client. However, depending on the specific position/situation of Client, several work items may not be necessary. Meanwhile, other works may be required. SB Law shall immediately advise Client the same upon review documents of the case.

However, any additional works shall not fall under the scope of this Legal Service Proposal Letter, but could be provided upon request.

Regulatory analysis

 Specific recommendations on corporate establishment, including legal form, domicile area (e.g., free trade zone advantage?), and other specific requirements for operation of solar farm in Vietnam. This may include, e.g., local ownership requirements, paid up capital requirements, viability of using a corporate secretary for main office; among others;

 Physical and licensing requirements to establish a solar farm in Vietnam.;

 Detail regulations related to operation of solar farm in Vietnam;

 Answering Client questions in relation to the Legal Advice Report (03 working hours).


The fee for SB Law to perform services as mentioned in 1 above will be 2,650USD (Two thousand six hundred and fifty US Dollar).

The fee is exclusive of VAT (10%) and actual cost for answering questions raised by Client in relation to the legal advice report if it retain our lawyer more than 03 working hours (250USD/01 working hour from the 4th hour upward) and actual cost for travelling out of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh


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