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Question: I am Peter, a member of personnel department of a company in Vietnam.

I read your website’s Faq and  have a question about payslip in Vietnam.
In Vietnamese law, does company have to provide payslip to its employee? If so, in which law is it legislated?
If company has to give payslip to its staff, is there any form of payslip to provide? What content of payslip is needed to give payslip to employees.
In the labor law, at article 93-2, we have to make our salary scale public in our company. Despite of this article, don’t we have to provide our payslip to employee?
I look forward to hear from you.
Answer:  Vietnam Law is silent on this issue. It does mean that Enterprise is not obligated to provide payslip to its employees.
Salary scale is another document to describe range of salary paid for each position in your company. For example:
Staff: 250-500USD
Supervisor: 525-700USD.
Manager: 735-1000USD


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