How to register trademark in China?

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SBLAW would like to introduce the legal procedure to register trademark in China as follows:

1. Documents requires:

  1. The scanner of Applicant’s identity document(Individual: identity card, passport, the self-employed license, etc; Company:business license, Certificate of Good-Standing, extract of business entity identification, etc)
  2. Chinese translation of the applicant’s full name and address(if no, we can do the professional translate for free.)
  3. Logo(JPG format high definition picture)
  4. Classes and lists of the goods or services(10 goods/service can choose in every class, more than 10 additional with official fees)
  5. Power of Attorney as closed and its English translation. NO notarization or legalization is required, just ask the applicant sign name on POA then scan, just email us the scanner of signature POA. All info must be translated into Chinese.POA must submit with the application in the same time.

2. Prosecution stage: 

1.Submit the application (within 1 working days after the completion of the information);
2.Formal review, after which a notification of acceptance will be issued (1 month);
3.Substantive review (5-9 months);
4.The examination passes, enters the first instance announcement (2 months);
5.Approval of registration and certification.

Since November 27, 2018, Chinese Trademark registration certificates is issued electronically.


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