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General Manager of a company in Vietnam

Nội dung bài viết

1. Can a foreign citizen act as a General Manager?

Yes, a foreign citizen can act as a General Magnare

2.In case a foreigner can act as a General Manager what are the permissions he/she should obtain?

He/she must obtain the work permit. The work permit shall be exempted if he/she is also shareholder of the company.

3.What are the conditions of getting business visa?

In order to obtain the business visa, investor must have work permit or Investment Certificate or he/she must have other evidence to prove that he/she enter into Vietnam to supply services based on signed agreement with local entity.

4.Can a foreign citizen living abroad act as a General Manager and give instructions as well as get reports about the company activities with an executive manager actually running the business within the country?

In theory, it is possible. However, in practice, it can cause several potential problem.

5.Are there any mechanisms to limit the authority of a director and an executive officer? For instance, in Articles of Incorporation.

Yes. investor can limit the authority of a director by specific regulation on the Articles of Incorporation or Corporate Charter.

6.Can the entity employ recruit foreign citizen? What are the conditions of that? What kind of visas should they get?

Yes. After that, the Employee must obtain the work permit.

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