Foreign Business Registration in Vietnam

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Question: I am manager of a global foreign company registration consultancy firm.

We need your cooperation for the following:

1. Urgent cooperation (a big industry from USA want to setup a softwarebusiness in Vietnam. Actually we do not have any lawyer/ consultant inyour state. We want to forward you contact information of the person if weare allowed)

2. We may make a business partnership relation further. In that case weshall forward foreign investors to you directly.
Now we are concern from no. 1. It's a very good investor, please cooperateif possible and reply us.

Answer: This is reference to your email below. On behalf of SB Law, we would like to confirm that we are grateful to co-operate with you to support the potential client.

Please let us know your term and conditions for the co-operation (if any) as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

If you would like further information on Foreign Business Registration in Vietnam, please either email to our Partners at: or call to our Office:

Ha Noi Office: +84 (4) 62 62 0246

HCM Office: +84 (8) 35 208 101.


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