Foreign and local join motorcycle dealership in Vietnam

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Question: I have a question on what is the possibilities to create a joint local and foreign partner to open and operate motorcycle dealerships in Vietnam.

If we buy the land can the land under the joint venture name or under the company created by joint venture?
Can the foreigner own and operate this business(motorcycle dealerships and purchase the land)?
What is your fee to do all the permit necessary to do this joint venture?  What are documents you need?
How long the process?

How much is your fee to create such as a business contract agreement etc?


Please see our comments here under:

- Yes, it is possible for you to setup a joint venture company for opening and operating motorcycle in Vietnam.

- Such Joint Venture Company can lease (not purchase) land use right from the competent authority for supporting its business operation.

For further detail advice, please share us following information:

- In which city will you setup the company?

- How much will you invest into the company given that this sector does not require for minimum capital?

- Capital percentage between you and Vietnamese Partner in the company?

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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