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Question: We are international legal office with representation in Ukraine, Russia, Armenia and Cyprus, EU and we have the clients who are looking for incorporation of limited liability company in Vietnam with one foreign director and one foreign corporate shareholder and registered office fees.

Kindly ask you to provide us with the tariffs for such services.

Looking forward getting your answer. Thank you in advance!

Answer: I am  Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to your inquiry below.

Under Vietnam Law, incorporating a foreign invested company shall subject to various licensing procedure depending on

(i) Nationality of Client;

(ii) Scale of the Business Activities;

(iii) Content of Business Activities and

(iv) Location of the Company to be setup.

For example, it shall take you only 20 working days to complete establishment of a foreign invested company designing software.
However, if your Client wishes to setup an elementary school in Vietnam, it may take us 6 months to complete all required licensing procedure.
 Then, we do not have a general tariff for setting up foreign invested company. We can only provide you our detailed legal service proposal upon getting information of above said issue.
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