Filing a Trademark in Australia

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Question: My company wanted to file a trademark in Australia. I need a quote for trademark in Australia from Filing to Obtaining the certificate of registration.

Kindly let me know all the fees in advanced and in nett. I do not want to have reimbursement charges, posting, informing, etc.

SB LAW: Thanks for your following letter. As your inquiry, we would like

to advise youon fee for filing trademark in Australia as hereafter:

1.         Search



Official charge


Attorney’s fee



Conducting a trademark search for a Word



2.         Trademark registration

Note: Fee for trademark registration in Vietnam totally depends on number of classes

 and number of goods/services within each class, namely as hereafter:






Fee for filing a trademark application for the first class (maximum 6 items of goods/services) *


Note: The above fees are exclusive of: The translation fee: US$ 6/ 100 English words,

Appeal fee (if any), Communication expenses;

Value Added Tax (VAT): 5% of our attorney’s fee.

3. Required documents

- Samples of trademark

If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon



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