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Question: We are foreign company in Japan and Singapore an are currently preparing for the export of cosmetics for skincare to Vietnam.

We would like to ask for a quotation that will include a price for each product, clear time table and the documents we need to provide for the process.

Answer: SBLAW would like to reply you as follows:

- In order to export your cosmetic products into Vietnam, you must firstly register your cosmetic product with Ministry of Health. For this purpose, you must have an Importer in Vietnam to hold the product registration. If you do not have, we can connect you with service company who accept to act as Product Holder.
- Our service fee for registration each cosmetic product shall be 440USD/01 product (inclusive of Vat:10%). We noted that you shall have 10 products to be registered, then, the total fee shall be 4,400USD.
- Total time for cosmetic product's registration is 30 days from submission of application dossier to MOH.

- Documents to be provided:

+ Power of Attorney issued by the Manufacturer to the Importer in Vietnam. 01 legalized copy.
+ Certificate of Free Sale issued by the competent authority in the origin country to the Manufacturer. 01 legalized copy.
Please make sure that, product name, name and address of Manufacturer, name and address of Importer must be accurate. Otherwise, it shall take us time to revise it.

In addition to such document, please also forward us:

- List of ingredients and ratio thereof for each cosmetic product.
- Brand name of cosmetic product
- Use of each cosmetic product.


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