Establishment of foreign-invested company to carry out following business activities: import, export oil, lubricants

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Question: My company would like to establish a foreign-invested company to carry out following business activities: import, export oil, lubricants. Please quote.


1. Documents to be provided:

  • Certificate of Incorporation of the Parent Company
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association of the Parent Company
  • Bank reference on the account balance of the Investor
  • Bank’s Reference provided by an appropriate Bank certifying the balance of the investor’s account no less than the contributed capital of the investor to the FIC’s charter capital.
  • Audited Financial Statement for years of 2016 and 2017
  • Detailed Brochure/Catalogue and business plan
  • Passport of Legal Representative of FIC
  • Memorandum of Understanding or Contract on leasing office in Vietnam
  • Business Registration Certificate or Investment Certificate of the lessor
  • Certificate of land use right and asset on land ownership of the lessor.

2. Timing (working days)

- Step 1: Applying for Investment Registration Certificate: Within 20 working days;

- Step 2: Applying for Enterprise Registration Certificate: Within 07 working days;

- Step 3: Applying Business License: 20 working days

3. SB Law net fee (USD), Exclusive of VAT (10%) and cost for translating of documents from English into Vietnamese (10USD/150 words) and actual travelling and accommodation cost (if Client setup companies outside of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City)

- For obtaining Investment Registration Certificate and Enterprise Registration Certificate: from 4,000USD (Four thousand US Dollar) to 4,500USD (Four thousand and five hundred US Dollar);

- For obtaining Business License: At least 13,250USD (Thirteen thousand two hundred and fifty US Dollar). We can only confirm possibility of success after receiving all information of Client. Some Clients shall not be granted this License.


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