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Question: Hi! I am an independent adviser on employment and labour laws in India.

Since I’m getting queries regarding employment laws in Vietnam, I want to connect with a lawyer/ consultant in Vietnam for cost effective answers to questions on Employment/ Labour laws in your country/state.

If interested, please provide me your quote for answering questions/consultation on employment laws in your country.


Answer:  This is reference to your conversation below.

I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to labor law in Vietnam.

Our fee for answering your questions shall very much depend on lawyer in charge and total time you retain him/her, as follows:

Partner                          250USD/01 working hour.
Associate                      150USD/01 working hour
Paralegal                       80 USD/01 working hour
We also offer our service on lump sum basis.
If you wishes us to quote a lump sum basis, please let us know your questions first.


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