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Articles 179 to 183 of the Labor Code deals with the provisions related to employees working in the household. Under law, the term housework includes but not limited to housework, housekeeping, child care, patient care, driving, gardening and other work but not related to the commercial activities.

The employee working in the household shall be an employee who regularly performs work in the household or many households. The employer must sign a labor contract with such employee after mutual agreement and specifying the form of salary payment, terms of payment, daily working hours, accommodation (if any), etc.

The employer is required to pay such employee an amount of social insurance, health insurance so that he/she can buy it himself/herself. If agreed, the employee should be provided with a clean and hygienic accommodation.

The housemaid is entitled to be respected with honor and dignity. Upon termination by the employer, the employee is entitled to receive fare to get home. If the employee terminates on his/her own accord before the expiry of the term of employment then such fare cannot be claimed.

The employee is expected to perform his/her obligations under the labor contract. The employee is not required to perform any work that is not assigned to her/him under the labor contract, unless mutually agreed upon.

In case of causing damage and loss of property of the employer, the employee is required to compensate for the loss to the employer. The employee is required to promptly notify the employer about the possibility and risks of accidents and threat to safety, life, health and property of the employer.

The employer is strictly prohibited to maltreat and sexually harass the employee. The employer is not allowed to force towards the employee. Further, the employer cannot retain the original of the personal papers of the employee. If the employer defaults any of the above, then the employee is entitled to lodge complaint with the competent authorities.

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