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On March 15, 2024, the Parliament issued 2nd Draft Law on Employment to meet the needs of socio-economic development, in line with international commitments, and promote sustainable development of the labor market.

The amendment of the Law on Employment is necessary as the current law is gradually revealing difficulties and limitations.

The Ministry of Labor - War Invalids and Social Affairs proposed a draft Law on Employment consisting of 8 chapters and 145 articles (the 2013 Law on Employment had 7 chapters and 62 articles). In addition to general provisions, the Ministry of Labor - War Invalids and Social Affairs proposed specific regulations on job creation support policies (25 articles), labor registration (14 articles), labor market information system (9 articles), vocational skills development and assessment, issuance of national vocational skill certificates (27 articles), employment services (10 articles), and unemployment insurance (49 articles).


A number of new contents have been amended and supplemented in this Draft Law on Employment

  • Additional regulations on loan capital sources to create jobs, including: National Employment Fund; Local budget sources entrusted through the Social Policy Bank; Mobilized resources of the Bank for Social Policies are provided by the state to compensate for interest rate differences according to the provisions of law on state budget and public investment…
  • Expanding borrowers to work abroad, adding 2 more subjects: Workers working abroad under contract and Workers working abroad under agreement between state management agency on employment at the provincial level with competent foreign agencies.
  • Adding a chapter on Labor Registration including the following contents: purpose of labor registration; principles of labor registration and management; Subjects of labor registration; labor registration information; labor registration documents; labor registration procedures; delete labor registration; rights and obligations of workers; Adjust employment information in the employee database...
  • Expanding subjects participating in Unemployment Insurance, including Employees who have signed labor contracts with a definite term of 1 month or more; People who work part-time and have a total monthly salary equal to or higher than the salary used as the basis for paying compulsory social insurance, at least half of the highest regional monthly minimum salary announced by the Government; Enterprise managers, controllers, representatives of state capital, representatives of enterprise capital at the company and parent company, managers and executives of cooperatives and cooperative unions that receive salary.

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