Doing investment of repurchasing stake of Vietnamese Eterprise in Hanoi

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We wish to engage your firm in assisting us to buy over a one-member Vietnam LLC.

Please provide us with a quotation for our consideration. Do include the fees (if any) for the following:

  1. Changing of the existing company name;
  2. Nominee appointment of an individual from your office as the legal representative;
  3. Any other fees for application/changing of Investment Registration Certificate and Business Registration Certificate; and
  4. Any other applicable incidental charges and taxes.


Before delivering you our legal service proposal, please help answer us following questions:

- What is the business activities of the Vietnam Company? Please note that under Vietnam Law, several business activities are classified to conditional investment sector and those may require for special approval for foreign investor to join. Then, your information about the business field of the Vietnam Company shall much help us to estimate time required for completing the M&A. Also, please advise us whether you wish to continue with such business activities. If not, please share us what is your proposed business activities after M&A.

- Where does such Vietnam Company locate?

P/S: Generally, it shall take us about 15 working days for obtaining approval for M&A and about additional 5 working days for updating the Certificate of Enterprise registration.


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