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Question: I read with great interest your articles you published on SBLAW website on the establishment of a RO in Vietnam.

On the Checklist for setting up RO in Vietnam, it is mentioned that the documents must be notarized and legalized.

I am contacting you about it. Authentication of documents, can it be done by the certificate of an chartered accountant / legal auditor and not by a notary? And then legalized by the Consulate of UK. I'm talking about a case of a UK RO

Thanks you in advance for your answer.

Answer: I am Corporate Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to establishment of R.O in Vietnam.

For legalization of documents in France, you should contact with Lawyer in France for further advice.

From our side, we need that the document should be finally stamped and certified by Vietnam Embassy in UK .



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