Decree on Non-Cash Payments

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On May 15, 2024, the Government issued Decree No. 52/2024/NĐ-CP, which regulates non-cash payments.

The key provisions of the Decree are as follows:

- Opening and Utilization of Payment Accounts: Establishing and authorizing the use of payment accounts, Sealing and closing payment accounts, The Decree also outlines the opening and utilization of payment accounts by the State Bank of Vietnam and the establishment and utilization of payment accounts between credit institutions and foreign bank branches.

- Non-Cash Payment Services: Payment services through customer payment accounts; Payment services not involving customer payment accounts; Participation in international payment systems.

- Intermediary Payment Services: Financial switching services; International financial switching services; Electronic offset services; E-wallet services; Support for collection and disbursement, as well as electronic payment gateway services.

- Responsibilities of the State Bank of Vietnam: Organizing, managing, operating, and supervising the provision of payment services and intermediary payment services; Granting, amending, supplementing, and revoking licenses for the provision of intermediary payment services; Inspecting, auditing, and handling violations of non-cash payment activities by organizations and individuals; Managing international cooperation in the payment sector; Leading and coordinating with relevant authorities in managing international payment activities.


This Decree shall take effect from July 1, 2024.


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