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Question: I am businessmen based in Japan. Right now we are establishing Cosmetics business in Vietnam and looking for Law firm to partner with.

Great answer in Cosmetics import license in Vietnam!

I have a related question:
If a 100% foreign subsidiary wants to be the holder of cosmetic product proclamation (CPP), is it legally OK that it doesn't have cosmetics import license?
According to Circular 06, CPP hoder must have "the function of cosmetic business in Vietnam", I am wondering what kind of cosmetics business licenses does it need.

Answer: I am  Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to provide you legal advice regarding to the following issue.

Cosmetics product CPP holderDuring the process for registration of cosmetic products, MOH does not take care much whether the CPP holder having Cosmetic Import License or not. They just check Certificate of Enterprise Registration only. Meanwhile, on the Certificate of Enterprise Registration, there is no information regarding to business activities of the company recorded.
However, if your subsidiary company in Vietnam does not have function for importing cosmetic products, it is impossible for your cosmetic products to be imported into Vietnam. Only CPP Holder can import cosmetic product.
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