Cosmetics - (1) Import License, (2) Advertisement License

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Question: My company is considering to export cosmetics to Vietnam in the near future.

What kinds of license do we need to get in advance?

1.Import license – quite clear to me already from previous postings on your website


2. Advertisement license – it is difficult to get clear information anywhere (as my friend told me that we need Advertisement license as well, along with Cosmetic import license)

Could you advise us what it is exactly and if we need to get this per each cosmetics item or …

Could you also advise what is your service, how long it will take, required documents, service fees, etc.?

Answer: I am Lawyer of SB Law. I was entrusted to advise you regarding to issue below.

Regarding to advertisment license issue, Vietnam Law requires that when you advertise your cosmetic products, your advertisement must be approved by provincial department of industry and trade (applicable to domestic cosmetic products) or Ministry of Health (applicable to imported cosmetic products).
Generally, it shall take you about 10-15 working days from submission of application dossier to MOH to obtain Advertisement License.


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