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Question: We are foreign company and would like to do BCC with Vietnam partner, we have a question as follows:

BCC is allowed in Vietnam and there is no need to form a new entity, as such we can look for a wine import company and then sign BCC with them to do import and distribution of wine, that will be much easier and time-saving. Please advise whether BCC is applicable in this case?
Answer: Business Co-operation Contract is also considered as an Investment form. It does not require you to setup an Independent Entity.
However, you are still required to obtain an Investment Certificate from the Vietnam Authority. In comparison with forming a Joint Venture or a Wholly Invested Company, it is much easier as you do not need to obtain sub-license for whole sale or retailed sale of spirit.
However, Vietnamese Partner who co-operate with you must have Sub - License for wholesale and retailed sale of spirit already.

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