Consulting Real estate projects in Vietnam

Nội dung bài viết

SB Law has been advising many domestic and international clients regarding the preparation and negotiation of Agreement on Land Leash or Agreement on Purchase for Housing and real estate.

Our lawyers also consult foreign organization and individual and Vietnamese oversea about land use rights and the purchase for housing in Vietnam.

Consulting Merge and Acquisition (M&A)

Along with economic restructuring, Merger and Acquisition activities (M&A) are being rapidly developed in Vietnam.

M&A is an effective way for investors to access market quickly, while avoiding the risk when establishing new enterprises.

With a team of professional lawyers whom possess deep knowledge about M&A, we offer to assist customers in the following:

Implementing and monitoring a comprehensive investigation to review business

Cooperating with financial consultant to conduct enterprise valuation

Drafting report reviewing legal aspects of business (Due Diligence).

Negotiating and drafting contracts of share purchase and sale of enterprise’s assets

Negotiating and drafting Merger contract

Consulting to ensure the compliance with the provisions of the law in the M&A process.

If you would like further information on Consulting Real estate projects in Vietnam, please either email to our Partners at: or call to our Office:

Ha Noi Office: +84 (4) 62 62 0246

HCM Office: +84 (8) 35 208 101.


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