Consultation services on banking and finance

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SB Law is providing legal consultation to leading financial institutions such as the Hanoi branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Military Bank, Hong Leong Bank, etc.

16. Banking _ Finance Banner
16. Banking _ Finance Banner

Banking and finance

The services provided by SB LAW include:

To research and suggest solutions as to the projects which commercial banks sponsor for projects like infrastructures, real estate;

To consult, draft, review and designate lawyers to participate in negotiations of financial contracts; pledging, leasing financial, mortgaging contracts; security contracts, contract of borrow and contract of sponsoring projects;

To handle the procedure of registration of secured transactions and disposition of secured properties in competent agencies;

To provide consultancy as to the process of internal management, the professional process for banks or financial companies;

To translate legal documents relating to finance and baking for commercial banks in operating and establishing new branches in foreign countries;

To provide consultancy as to the securities of borrowing capital and management of risks in baking and financial activities;

To represent the client in settling disputes on areas of finance and banking at jurisdictional bodies such as tribunals and courts.

16. Banking _ Finance


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