Company Incorporation and License Application for Fintech in Vietnam

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Question: We are looking to set up a Fintech for personal loan in Vietnam.

We would like to incorporate a company as well as licensing application to start a Fintech business with the help of your esteemed company.

Please kindly advise how do we proceed as well as your charges for all required legal works.

Looking forward to hearing from your team soonest.

Answer: SBLAW would like to advise you as follows:

Vietnam Law on Fintech has not yet been completed now. Almost of fintech companies in Vietnam now are now operating under two following options:

+ Option 1: They set up a normal trading company or finance/business consultancy company. Then, the company shall release loan to their customers.

+ Option 2: They set up a pawn shop and release loan to their customers. This option are most preferred by local investors.

Please note that, two above options shall have two following restrictions:

+ Interest rate must not exceed 20% per year.

+ You are not allowed to mobilize money from third parties for releasing loan to customers. You can only mobilize money from your own capital for releasing loan to customers.

Please let us know which option you prefer and in which city/province will you setup the company. Then, we shall get back to you with our detailed legal service proposal.


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