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SB Law would like to give some information about the company in Vietnam for investor’s consideration as follows:

- Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Company Limited is a form of Company which has from 01 to 50 members/shareholders. Any shareholder in Company Limited who wish to transfer its share to other parties not being member of the Company must obtain approval from other existing member.

- Joint Stock Company or JSC is a form of Company which has at least 03 shareholders. There is no limitation on the number of shareholder of JSC. After 03 years from the establishment, shareholders of JSC can freely transfer it shares to other parties.

- Legal Representative of company shall be the Director or the Chairman of Company. He/she may not be the owner of the Company.

-The Legal Representative shall be the person who is authorized to take action on Company's behalf.

- Investment Capital of company: Capital to be injected into the Company and must be registered.

- Business lines are list of business activities to be conducted by Company.

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