SBLAW would like to provide you the form of agreement on labor contract termination for your kind reference: Thoả thuận chấm dứt Hợp đồng lao động này được ký ngày…. tháng...

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New regulation on the rate of contribution to the occupational accident and disease insurance fund. May30

New regulation on the rate of contribution to the occupational accident and disease insurance fund.

On 27 May 2020, the Government issued the Decree No. 58/2020/ND-CP on the rate of contribution to the occupational accident and disease insurance fund. Accordingly, enterprises shall be entitled to...

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Employment In Vietnam Apr08

Employment In Vietnam

Question: We may have the opportunities later this year to have expatriates working in Vietnam or hire local people there. However, we don’t have a company there.  We want to find out more abou...

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Labor Law questions in Vietnam

Question: I am UK citizen and I am the President of Operations for a London based company that seeks to do more business in Vietnam.

I have some questions as follows:

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Legal advice on Labor contract in Vietnam

Question: Hello, I need a legal advice about a a job offer I have from hanoi. There are a couple of things in the contract temple that makes me nervous . First of all is about not paid extra hours ...

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Vietnam Labor Consult Dec19

Vietnam Labor Consult

Question: Simply saying, a local person who work for us was dead from car accident, now we want to know whether your company should indemnify his family or not, and how much will our company pay...

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New points of Labor Code 2019 Dec12

New points of Labor Code 2019

On 20 November 2019, Vietnam National Assembly XIV passed the new Labor Code on Session 8 which shall become effective from 1st January 2021. SBLAW would like to present you main amendments of Viet...

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Upades on social insurance allowance

In accordance with Sub-clause 8, Article 4, Resolution No. 70/2018/QH14 dated 9th November 2018 of the National Assembly of Vietnam, the minimum wage shall be increased fr...

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Vietnam work permit- background check

Question: I am a New Zealand citizen and I am interested in working in Vietnam as an English Teacher. I have problem with the background check part of the work permit process- I was convicted o...

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Inquiry about payslip Jul30

Inquiry about payslip

Question: I am Peter, a member of personnel department of a company in Vietnam.

I read your website's Faq and  have a question about payslip in Vietnam.
In Vietnamese l...

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Expat resignation in Vietnam Mar28

Expat resignation in Vietnam

Question: Could you please advise when does a Viet nam company have to pay all outstanding salary and allowance when we resign from company. What is the time limit? A...

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​Labour recruitment by a Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE) Feb26

​Labour recruitment by a Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE)

Under the 2012 Labor Code, a FIE may either directly recruit Vietnamese employees or recruit via an authorized labor agency. The FIE is then required to register the list of recruited Vietnamese emplo...

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