SBLAW provides legal service for franchising activity in Vietnam

The lawyer of SBLAW provides legal service for franchising activity in Vietnam, our legal service includes the following works:

I. Preparing for the dossier,

1.Franchise registration applic...

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Register commercial franchising Feb11

Register commercial franchising

Question: Our company (based in Singapore) would like to franchise to a company in Ho Chi Minh City. Accordingly, we need to register commercial franchising at Ministry of Industry and Trade.


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VN franchise rules under pressure to change Jan26

VN franchise rules under pressure to change

Phạm Duy Khương , Director, SB LAW firm At the end of the 1990s, franchise was still a strange concept to most people in Việt Nam. There were no opportunities to enjoy or...

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Vietnam – Franchise Legal Work

Question: We are foreign company and would like to do franchise in Vietnam, please provide us the franchise quotation?

Answer: In connection with your emai...

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Registration of Franchising Activities in Vietnam

Under the Circular No. 09/2006/TT-BTM dated May 25th, 2006 of Ministry of Trade (Ministry of Industry and Trade – now) guiding on the commercial fra...

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Required document for registration of the franchisor

SBLAW would like to provide you the required document for registration of the franchisor, please see the below table as follows:

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Franchise registration service (franchise) Jul02

Franchise registration service (franchise)

Franchise is the popular business in the present free and modern market economy. It is that commercial activity, wherein the Franchisor and the Franchisee enter into a ...

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Are parties permitted to unilaterally terminate the franchising contract? If yes, then in which circumtances?

Pursuant to Article 16 of Decree No. 35/2006/ND-CP, the concerned parties are entitled to unilaterally terminate the franchising contract under certain circumstances as...

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Is a franchisee entitled to sub-franchise to a third party (the sub-franchisee)?

According to Article 290 of Commercial Law 2005, the franchisees are entitled to sub-frnachise to a third party (the sub-franchisee) if they are permitted by the franchisors. For more information a...

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What are the rights and obligations of the franchisees?

Rights and obligations of the franchisees are provided in Articles 288 and 289 of Commercial Law 2005.

The franchisees have the...

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