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Question: Nice to contact you.
I would like to establish join venture company with 49% and 51%.
And I would like to buy more shares of Vietnamese partner’s as 90% and 10%
Could you give me a quotation about this service?

Answer: I'm Lawyer of SBLAW Ho Chi Minh City Office. I understand you have 02 intentions including (1) establish join venture company with 49% and 51%, and (2) buy more shares of Vietnamese partner’s as 90% and 10%. In order to provide precise consultation and planning, please help to clarify the following details:

1/  Regarding the intention "establishment of join venture company with 49% and 51%"

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

- Corporate structure: 49% owned by foreigner, 51% owned by local.

- Business: garments manufacturing, i.e. handling fabric import and making in Vietnam, 80% export and 20% sale in Vietnam (Lazada).

- Location: Ho Chi Minh City, within industrial zones, correct?

- Factory: no construction, you will lease an existing factory, correct?

- Amount of investment capital?

- Investment capital will be contributed by cash or machinery or both?

- Technology?

- Labor?

2/ Regarding the intention "buy more shares of Vietnamese partner’s as 90% and 10%"

If applicable, please kindly let us know details of the targeted company and Vietnamese partner who you will purchase shares, i.e. (1) Enterprise Registration Certificate of the company, (2) Charter (Memorandum and Articles of Association) of the company, (3) information of the Vietnamese partner.

If not, answers for the following questions may help to shed light to the situation:

- This targeted company is located in Ho Chi Minh City?

- This targeted company is a normal company, not either (1) an unlisted public company/listed company, or (2) State-owned enterprise?

- The shares will be purchased is ordinary shares?

- What are business lines of the targeted company?

- Who is the Vietnamese partner, individual or corporate? Is there relevant to State?



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