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Question: Now we have a case needs your assistance. We intend to apply for Foreign Construction Contractor Permit. The contractor is a British Virgin Island (BVI) Co. They have sign construction contract with Vietnam client. We are looking for a law firm to assist us to apply for such permit.

Here is the story.

Contractor A (“A”) signed a construction contract amounted to USD500 mil with a Vietnamese Co. A is a British Virgin Island Co investment holding co, who has no track record in construction. However, A’s related company who share the same parent with A has track record in the construction industry. A has yet to sign any contract with Vietnamese sub-contractor.

My question –

1.       Would you think A able to obtain Foreign Construction Contractor Permit (“Permit”) from MOC?

2.       If the answer for 1 is yes, then do you foresee any difficulty on this?

3.       Does S&B has track record in handle the similar case?

4.       What is the cost and timeline?

Answer: Thank you for your questions.

For our answering, please send us the construction contract between A and Vietnamese Company, the information relating to the project that Vietnamese Company is the investor (owner) such as the Investment Certificate of the project, the Business Registration Certificate of the Vietnamese Company.

Basing on your initial information, we think that we can obtain the Contractor License in this case.

In my opinion, the difficulties that A may be faced with are (1) the construction experience because A has not experience in construction; (2) this project is a big project, therefore, MOC shall be very very carefully consider about this project.

With regard to our experience in obtaining the foreign contractor license, we would like to confirm that we assisted for many clients to obtain the Contractor license like you.

With regard to our fee and timeline, we will conform with you later when we receive required documents.

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