Annual holidays for foreign worker in Vietnam

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Can you kindly advice me how many annual holidays foreigners have under the VN law  who working in Vietnam.


Thanks so much for choosing SB as a consultant for your legal issue. According to your previous email about annual holidays for foreign worker in Vietnam, I have some advise as follows:

1, Public and New Year holidays 

-          Pursuant to Article 115 of Labour Code 2012, a foreign employee in Vietnam shall entitled to fully paid days off for 12 days as follows:

+    10 days for Vietnam's holidays include of:

  • Calendar New Year Holiday: 1 day (the first day of January of the calendar year);
  • Commemorative Celebration of Vietnam’s Forefather - Kings Hung: 1 day (the tenth of March of the lunar year).
  • National Day: 1 day (the second day of September of each calendar year);
  • International Labor Day: 1 day (the first day of May of each calendar year);
  • Victory Day: 1 day (the thirtieth day of April of each calendar year);
  • Lunar New Year Holidays: 5 days;

+    02 days for holidays of foreign employee’s country include of 1 traditional new year holiday and 1 national day.

2,  Annual Leave

     -   Pursuant to Article 111 of Labour Code 2012, if you have been working for an employer for full 12 months you shall be entitled a fully paid annual leave for 12 working days.

In case you doing a heavy, hazardous or dangerous job or working in a place with harsh living conditions, you shall be entitled to take 14-16 working days off.

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