Advice on setting up a travel company in Vietnam

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Question: I am a Singapore investor, now I want to invest in Vietnam with tour operator service and travel agencies activities. What form of investment can I choose?


Tour operator services and travel agencies activities are classified on Class 7471 under Vietnam- WTO Commitment. You can choose to set up a travel company or a travel agency.

Setting up a travel company:

Foreign service suppliers are permitted to provide services in the form of joint ventures with Vietnamese partners, and the Vietnamese enterprise must have international travel business licenses.

In term of tour operator services, Client only operate inbound services and domestic travel for inbound tourists as an integral part of inbound services, and Client must not operate outbound services.

+ Setting up a travel agency:

Client can, as a travel agency, sell tour programs (including inbound and outbound) to tourists. However, Client shall not be allowed to operate tours.



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